At Sellsword, we write our own custom adventures, with the intention of covering as many themes as we can, in order to find you and any party the perfect quest. Below is the list of our current "pick up and play" adventures, designed to get your party gaming as quickly as possible. We are always adding and updating these quests, so be sure to keep checking back! 

Note: In the interest of making our game open and available to all players, we have made an effort to tag each of our adventures with keywords that we feel describe them best. If there are concerns with the content provided in an adventure, please contact us so we can do our best to make sure we can find the right quest for you!

The Creature Formerly Known as Grom

Tags: Kidnapping, Ritual, Standard Magic, Investigation, Heroic

Sign up as an investigator for the city guard, and uncover the mystery behind a string of kidnappings. 

The Temple of the Fire Opal

Tags: High Adventure, Puzzles, Traps, Action

Rumours of treasure and glory surround the fabled temple, but the only way to know if they are true is to go there yourself.

The Nameless Bones

Tags: Underwater, Eldritch Magic, Spooky, Lovecraftian

On a courier run from Frostmore to Nighthollow, not all is what it seems. Can you find your way through the mists and make it to your destination?

Dark Matter: Eccentric Billionaire

Tags: Sci-Fi, Whimsical, Mercenary, Action-Adventure, Cinematic

A simple drop off for a mysterious, high-paying buyer leads to curious allies and even curiouser enemies.

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